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Mexico receives licence for “Foundations of Gymnastics” course

The Mexican Gymnastics Federation (FMG) took an important step towards the development of Gymnastics in the country by hosting the FIG Academy’s "Foundations of Gymnastics" course between 18 and 25 February. This was the concluding part of the process of acquiring a licence to teach this same course in the country.

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PAGU holds Acrobatic Gymnastics Introductory Course in Mexico

The Olympic Training Center in Mexico hosted an Acrobatic Gymnastics Introductory Course from January 26 – 28, 2018.

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Kazuma Kaya, Angelina Kysla conquer 2016 Mexican Open

Japan’s Kazuma Kaya and Ukraine’s Angelina Kysla collected the prize sombreros at the annual Mexican Open, held this year in Mexico City (MEX) November 25-26.

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Gaudio, Mexico golden at Pan American Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships

Mexico and Brazil split the titles at the recent Pan American Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, held November 6-9 in Merida, Mexico.

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FIG Academy participation surpasses 3,600 coaches after Mexico course

The Mexican Gymnastics Federation hosted a Level 3 FIG Academy for Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics on October 1-8, 2016. This was the 243rd Academy overall and the 109th for Artistic Gymnastics since this coaching education programme began in 2002.

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Mexican gymnast Jaime Romero killed

Shocking news reached the international Gymnastics community at the beginning of the year, when the killing of Mexican Artistic Gymnastics national team member Jaime Romero was reported.

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Mexico hosts the 170th FIG Academy

The Gymnastics Federation of Mexico hosted a Level 2 FIG Academy for Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics on July 6-13, 2014. This was the 170th Academy in the twelve-year old programme.

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Mexico hosts its first Academy for Rhythmic Gymnastics

The Mexican Gymnastics Federation hosted a FIG Level 1 Academy for Rhythmic Gymnastics in the seaside city of Guadalajara during the first week of June 2014.

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The First Lady of all federations

As to be expected, the Congress generated emotion, tears of joy and disappointment, and a swath of unforgettable moments. The choices made by the 480 delegates from 106 national federations have set the stage for the FIG’s next four years. The 1996 Atlanta record of 102 participants has been beat!

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Russian duo Irina Minina and Nicola Grouchine set to bow out

After forty years in the service of the Russian Gymnastics Federation, Nicola Grouchine and his wife Irina Minina retired last year with the close of the last cycle. They announced their intention to step down at the 79th FIG Congress in Cancun.

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The FIG Order – Hidenori Futagi awarded

The International Gymnastics Federation recently founded a unique distinction that recognises an individual in the world of sports for having excelled through an exemplary and unique approach to the sport of gymnastics.

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79th FIG Congress - Official news

Official news from the 79th FIG Congress in Cancun (MEX)

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